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Designed for dogs that have completed the Bronze course will take you and your dogs skills to the next level. The Silver award incorporates a wide range of advanced skills and practical elements.

Course Elements

The APT Silver Dog Training course is designed to give your dog fresh challenges and skills. We have incorporated a range of elements that are educational and build on the positive habits developed in the earlier courses.


6 Weeks

The APT Silver Training Course is held over six consecutive weeks at both our Mansfield and Brinsley dog training bases. 


Send Dog To Bed

Handler to demonstrate sending dog to a bed or mat a distance of ten paces away.

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Walking Under Control

The handler will demonstrate walking on a lead around other dogs and people with left, right and about turns. 


Sit Stay

The dog will learn to demonstrate a 1 minute sit with their handler a distance of 10 paces away. 

Cute  Beaglier

Food Manners

Handler will demonstrate heel work past a bowl of titbits without the dog lunging for the food.


Off-Lead Novice Recall

Your dog will be taught to sit and wait in position away from the handler before being instructed to return and execute a "finish"

6 Week Silver Award Course - £65

At the conclusion of the Silver training course you and your dog will undertake a practical test including all the elements you have learnt over the 6 weeks. When you successfully complete the Silver test you will receive a rosette and certificate.


 If you wish to continue your training journey you can then move on to the Gold courses.

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