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APT have a wide range of courses designed to suit your dog irrespective of its history or experience. Our dog training courses take place at our bases in Mansfield and Brinsley and are led by our experienced trainers to ensure you get the best results for your dog. Check out the information pages for each of our courses and Contact Us if you want to book or discuss the most appropriate course for your dog. 

Puppy Foundation

Our most popular course the 6 week Puppy Foundation helps to build positive habits in both puppy and handler

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Designed for dogs over 6 months this 6 week course builds positive habits in both the dog and handler


A challenging 6 week course designed for dogs advancing from the Puppy & Beginner courses

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For dogs that have progressed from Bronze, the 6 Week Silver course introduces off-lead elements to the training.


Designed for dogs who have completed the Silver course, training for the Gold qualification is based entirely on off-lead elements.

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Designed for dogs who have completed the Gold course, the Platinum course introduces Dog Sport elements such as jumps and sendaways.

If you are unsure which course would be best for your dog please feel free to contact us. We will always recommend the most appropriate course for your dog's age and experience to ensure you get the very best results. 

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