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Designed for dogs that have completed the Gold course will take you and your dogs skills to the next level. The Platinum award incorporates a wide range of advanced skills including other dog training sports.

Course Elements

The APT Platinum Dog Training course is designed to give your dog fresh challenges and skills. We have incorporated a range of elements that are educational and build on the positive habits developed in the earlier courses.


6 Weeks

The APT Platinum Training Course is held over six consecutive weeks at both our Mansfield and Brinsley dog training bases. The course length is calculated to ensure al the necessary foundational elements are included in the course.



The handler will be taught to demonstrate a 20 second ‘watch’ just by saying 
the dog's name and a 30 second ‘watch’ by giving the command ‘(dog’s name) and watch’.

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Retrieve Over Jump

A dumbell will be placed 8 paces over the other side of a small hurdle. The dog will then be instructed to go over the jump, collect the dumbbell and return to handler, over the jump.

Happy Dog

Positions On Move

Carried out off-lead the handler is walking at normal pace with dog at side. The dog is then left in ‘sit’, ‘down’ or ‘stand position. 

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Drug Dogs / Scent Cloths

Your dog will be taught to sniff-out various substances hidden around the training venue. Your dog will then lie down to indicate to the handler that it has discovered the items. 


Controlled Greeting

Carried out off lead, 3 class members offer exuberant greetings to the dog. The handler will then demonstrate control by placing the dog into a ‘sit’ or ‘down’ position. 

6 Week Platinum Award Course - £65

At the conclusion of the Platinum training course you and your dog will undertake a practical test including all the elements you have learnt over the 6 weeks. When you successfully complete the Platinum test you will receive a rosette and certificate.

If you wish to continue your training journey you can then move on to the Platinum Plus courses.

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