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As the start of your fun journey together the APT Puppy Foundation Course is based on a series of progressive exercises that will help teach your puppy how to learn. The course builds positive habits in both the puppy and handler.

Course Elements

The APT Puppy Foundation course has evolved into our most popular dog training course. We have incorporated a range of elements that are educational, build positive habits and best of all are fun for both your puppy and you.


6 Weeks

The APT Puppy Training Course is held over six consecutive weeks at both our Mansfield and Brinsley dog training bases. The course length is calculated to ensure al the necessary foundational elements are included in the course.


Solid Recall

The concept of Recall - your dog coming back to you when called - may sound simple but this training element is essential to ensuring your dog can be kept safe when off the lead. As such this is a foundation of the Puppy course.


Watch Exercises

Watch exercises are another foundation exercise and they are designed to help your puppy learn his name. They also teach the puppy how to focus his attention on the handler and ignore distractions. 

Happy Dog


The APT Puppy Foundation will teach you how to play with your puppy thereby helping you to build a solid relationship. It's also a great confidence builder in puppies that are perhaps a little shy or unsure in more social environments. 

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Basic Positions

The puppy training course will teach your dog some basic positions such as sit and down. We will also start some loose lead work and heelwork to begin preparing your dog for activities in public areas.



The Puppy Foundation course is carried out in groups with other dogs and handlers at a similar stage in their training. This helps to socialise your puppy with other dogs and people in a range of new situations and environments. 

6 Week Puppy Foundation Course - £70

Once you and your puppy have successfully completed the Puppy Foundation training course you will receive an attendance certificate and rosette. You can then move on to the Bronze Level course.

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