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Scentwork is the process of training a dog to use their amazing sense of smell to identify and locate the source of a target odour. Using the Scentwork UK criteria, we have created a fun, rewarding and stimulating training program to allow your dog to make use of there incredibly refined nose. 

What is Scentwork?

Dogs have a highly sensitive sense of smell that is vastly superior to our own. Hunting, search and rescue and police work are just some examples of humans using the dog's amazing sense of smell..

As a training activity scentwork is fun, rewarding and stimulating for your dog, improving your relationship and building confidence in both dog and handler.

With all this in mind APT have created a rewarding Scentwork training course with the potential to enter trials and gain qualifications.


The APT Scentwork Course

Using the Scentwork UK criteria APT provide a 6 week course that is suitable for any breed or age of dog. Also as scentwork is a non-injurious sport it can be a great activity for dogs with injuries or disabilities.

Using articles marked with specific target odours the course challenges your dog to find the article in a specific area within a specific time. The course criteria are as follows:

Beginner Level

The Scentwork beginner level course will introduce your dog to the target odours and the four search areas. Your dog will then be taught how to search the area and indicate to you, the handler, when they have detected the scented article.

Level One

Increasing the work and complexity from the Beginner Leve, Level One Scentwork builds up the four search areas ready for a fun trial where you can gain points towards an 'Excellent Title'

Level Two & Above

Content coming soon

Qualifications & Excellent Titles

As you and your dog work through each Scentwork level you can gain points and compete in scentwork trials to further challenge your new skills. If you earn enough points you can achieve Excellent Titles and work your way up towards the 'Dog of the Year' award.

Get In Touch

If you want to give you and your dog a new challenge get in touch with APT Dog Training Nottinghamshire to discuss our Scentwork Course.

The APT Scentwork course takes place on Mondays between 6 and 8pm at our Mansfield Woodhouse base 

6 Week Scentwork Course - £80

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